PLAY BREAKDOWN: Amari Daniels runs the CG counter


Earlier this week we looked at Serious coronation potential as an RB2 in the A&M backfield this year, today we look at Amari Daniels. At 5’8,200 pounds last season, Daniels’ height and style of play were reminiscent of Trayveon Williams. Today we look at Amari Daniels as he ran CG Counter last season.

game concept

We have previously explained the basics of CG meter readingin CG Counter, there is simply no play at the end of the game. The QB hands the ball to the RB and bootlegs behind.

Field Receiver and Vertical Thrust Slot and Rod Block. TE blocks the end of the strong side. LT hangs on 3-tech. LG takes advantage. Center pulls wide. RG blocks on 1-tech to cover center pull. RT climbs to the second level to block the running back linebacker. RB takes QB’s hand and executes counterplay. LG kicks out the end man at the line of scrimmage, C pins the middle LB, RB runs through the tunnel created by the two blocks.

Amari Daniels runs the CG counter

At the snap of the fingers, field receiver Chase Lane and slot Jalen Preston go vertical and block the cornerback and safety. TE Baylor Cupp does a good job of sealing the strong edge inside. LT Trey Zuhn does an adequate job sealing the 3-tech inside, you want him to finish that block. LG Blake Trainor shoots and tries to kick the LB out playside but isn’t quite able to seal it on the outside. Center Matthew Wykoff shoots and does an adequate job blocking MLB but doesn’t complete the block. Amari Daniels takes over from Zach Calzada and runs the game. Trainor and Wykoff are unable to open the tunnel, so Daniels sweeps outside their blocks. The counter turns into a pin-pull sweep.

The result of the play is a gain of 13 yards and a first down.

With his vision and ability to switch gears to make a cut to turn a power play into a speed sweep, Daniels shows solid ability to be a fullback and compete for RB2 in 2022


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