PETA Protest Super Glues Self to Counter at Seattle Starbucks


Protester sticks hand in counter at Starbucks in Seattle (Amazon)

Protester sticks hand in counter at Starbucks in Seattle (Amazon)

There’s a lot I could say about this, but I’ll point it out strictly (push them really hard once it’s been set?)

PETA protester opposes Starbucks surcharges for vegan products

This protester objected to surcharges or additional fees being charged if a customer wanted a vegan substitute for any dairy product used in making mochas or coffee products. So they stuck together at the counter.

Starbucks headquarters is listed at 2401 Utah Ave S and, of course, contains a cafe. The “sticking” happened on Wednesday of this week.

There was a social media live stream of the “event”, and PETA itself spoke about Starbucks’ role in this “terrifying” policy: (from

“Starbucks Earth Day promotions are nothing but hot air if they still charge extra for earth and animal friendly vegan options, PETA will stick with Starbucks as the sticks until she agrees to drop the vegan supplement.”–Tracy Reiman, Executive Vice President of PETA.

Reports say Seattle police had to start dissolving the glue and it would have taken about an hour for the woman to be freed.

The incident happened on Wednesday morning, to view the live recording on social media click here.

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