Need to counter false narratives with facts: Omar


National Conference (NC) Deputy Speaker Omar Abdullah said on Saturday that forces hostile to peace and brotherhood in Jammu and Kashmir were peddling a ‘false narrative’ and there was a need to counter it by facts.

Abdullah made the remarks while addressing party officials in Nawa-e-Subha where newly appointed NC Chief Spokesperson Tanvir Sadiq took office.

Last week, the NC revamped the party’s media cell, appointing Sadiq, Abdallah’s political secretary, as its main spokesperson.

The party also made other appointments in its media cell, giving key positions to young faces, including Imran Nabi Dar, who was appointed as the state spokesperson.

They were also praised on occasion.

Omar asked the party’s communications team to continue countering the “false narrative peddled” by forces hostile to peace and brotherhood with facts.

He said the media has taken on immense importance, but the truth has become the first casualty of this overt shift in public opinion and perception building techniques.

“The amount of factual information reported and the amount manufactured are questionable. Here, what is important is not what people see, but what they are not allowed to see. this bias,” he said.

”This is where our media team has a role to play in putting a real picture of what is happening in front of people. It’s on your shoulders to counter the lies produced day after day,” he added.

Right now, the NC leader said, it is very difficult to have an open debate about the issues people are facing.

”During our tenure in power, a number of columns and articles criticizing our policies have surfaced in local daily newspapers. The pens that once told us have gone silent these days. We almost never see columns or articles setting out opposing views in local dailies. We have always welcomed criticism positively, but that cannot be said today,” he said.

“Even a single critical word is hated by the powers that be. There’s no way a contrary opinion can come to local dailies these days. The new media policy has obliquely stifled the press. Fear and intimidation have further stifled press freedom,” he added.

At this point, Abdullah said, CN’s media team must step in to fill the void.

“On the one hand you have to show a mirror to the government and on the other hand put the people of the country in general, J&K in particular, in the picture of the ground realities of J&K,” he said. .

The former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir said all the ruling dispensation wants is to paint a ‘false reality’ and warned officials that with each passing day, the propaganda machinery “shoddy and fake” will go into overdrive to “polarize” the atmosphere in Jammu and Kashmir.

“There is no way they can respond to people about the unavailability of jobs, lack of development and economic setback. Their face-saving theater has fallen flat. We must remain vigilant and not enable them to thrive on societal, regional and religious fault lines,” he added. ‘ he said.

“It’s a big challenge ahead of us, and I believe our new media team led by Sadiq will engage with such devious elements across all platforms with facts and reality checks,” he said. added.

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