Kolkata Metro: Will there be more staff at the Metro ticket counter? Passengers can get upset


#Kolkata: Will the number of employees in Metro’s sales department decrease further? As the number of ticket offices at different stations has started to decrease, this question repeats itself

Subway authorities have repeatedly said that the online ticketing system is the future. But most passengers need to be hassled when recharging the smart card. Because the recharging of the smart card is not done at the counter of most stations.

The staff working at the counter informs that the card must be recharged only in the machine. In a hurry to reload the card at the counter, we often hear: “It won’t happen here, go to the machine.

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A long line is seen in front of the machine. Because a large part of the passengers do not know how to reload the card by pressing the various buttons on the machine.

There is, however, one staff member to show off. But teaching everyone how to top up the cards takes so long that Metro walks away.

If you listen to the station, we hear that this will become the rule in the future! Do not top up at the counter! Such a system is in place in Delhi. Only one counter will be open, where tokens will be sold.

We hear that automats for taking tokens, recharging cards, everything will enter the metro services in the coming days. Metro users are very unhappy with this problem.

Commuter Priyanka Pal says, why not reload the card even if the employee sitting in front of the empty counter has the option? Why waste time queuing in front of the machines?

The passenger will have to pay the amount of the top-up. Because the machine won’t return any money. The counter did not have this problem until now.

Every day there is trouble in the subway station about this. An employee sits down at the table to take a chair in front of the smart card recharge machine. It shows not only how to reload the card in the machine, but also how to buy tickets on the mobile application.

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Most passengers are not interested in going to the card top-up machine. As a result, it’s chaos with them. According to Metro, more than one million passengers purchased tickets using the “Metro Ride Kolkata” app till July 17.

Metro says people are interested in buying tickets online on mobile instead of queuing at the counter. To travel by metro, to recharge the smart card via QR code.

Question of passengers, not all of them are daily commuters, those who come from Mafhaswal, district, many of them are unaware of these issues. They feel comfortable buying tickets at the counter.

They claim that while reducing the number of Metro employees, the suffering of passengers increases. They miss the metro. Eklavya Chakraborty, Public Relations Manager for Metro Rail, said: “It’s not like card top-ups will be immediately stopped at all ticket offices. But people are reloading the machine. They also buy tickets by QR code. Passengers are slowly getting used to online services.

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