Khan against will file a defamation notice of 50 million rupees against Faruqui


The legal team of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) legislator Sharmila Faruqui on Saturday served popular TV host Nadia Khan with a 50 million rupees defamation notice for her controversial video featuring the prior’s mother. In retaliation, the TV host also took to her Instagram to share that her lawyers were in the process of sending Sharmila a 50 million rupees defamation countersuit.

Speaking on a similar tangent to the politician, Nadia claims that the latter’s reaction is actually a consequence of her craving for attention, contrary to her claim that Nadia stirs up “controversy to get noticed”.

In the message announcing her response, Nadia wrote, “My lawyers are sending legal notice to Sharmila Faruqui, suing her for 50 million rupees for defamation and using insulting remarks on a woman.” She added: “If Sharmila had done even one good deed for a woman in need or a helpless child, which I wish she had done, she would still have attracted attention. media and our attention.” Her caption read: “Fight for justice and fight for women, no one can insult us!

On the other hand, Sharmila’s notice gives Nadia 15 days to not only retract her remarks, but also issue an apology and pay compensation. “My client is a well-known politician and you have tainted her personality as a result of the aforementioned video. It is a well-known fact that anyone who runs a YouTube channel receives compensation for views and engagement. Therefore, by posting hate speech against my client, you are trying to create controversy just to get noticed,” her review reads. Adding, “it is unfortunate ‘that a media professional known as Nadia,’ is posting with such reckless disregard”.

Nadia had landed in hot waters after engaging in conversation with Anisa Farooqi for a video that sees her ‘complimenting’ her makeup and sense of style. The compliments did not sit well with Sharmila and many viewers who reserved that Nadia was being sarcastic.

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