Justin Trudeau’s personal chef opens a counter in Montreal’s Time Out Market


Have you ever wondered who cooks the Prime Minister’s meals every day? Well, you are about to have the chance to discover and try its dishes for yourself!

Chef Chanthy Yen, aka Justin Trudeau’s personal chef, is opening her own concession at Time Out Market Montreal starting Tuesday, March 29.

This new restaurant will offer a menu of pan-Canadian cuisine, bringing together the flavors of several provinces and cultures.

In one Press releaseChef Chanthy Yen said, “Canadian cuisine is, in many ways, my own journey. It is a denouement and a rediscovery. When my family came to Canada, we didn’t know what was around us and we had to get disjointed and creative.

“It’s like that; it’s a series of different journeys that come together and rediscover each other and rediscover their identity within their new communities. I have the privilege of traveling across the country, and what I can’t What I can’t help but eat is to feel the energy, creativity and stories of these people who live here today and run their businesses where food is their life.”

On the menu, Montrealers can expect appetizers like tiger prawns and Parmesan truffle fries, “as well as dishes that showcase Canada’s steak know-how and the unconditional love Canadians share for the homemade fries and the delicious mussels with white wine, coconut, fine herbs, and chili.”

We’re told Chef Chanthy Yen’s menu will give us a taste of what the premier’s meals look like.

Where: Time Out Market Montreal, Eaton Center, 705 Sainte-Catherine Street W., Montreal, QC

When: Starting March 29, 2022


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