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Long Distance: This is often the main point of conflict in a coming-of-age movie that spills over into real life. You meet the right person, but fate wants you to be separated by distance, time, or both. While there is no one-size-fits-all script, being in a long-distance relationship can be tough at times, but for those who know true love, making it work is worth every effort. From those who experience it firsthand, tips and advice are always best right before the holiday celebrating those who are special to each other: Valentine’s Day.

Communicate openly

It is important to communicate openly in a long-distance relationship; otherwise, things could get lost in translation and become a point of contention. Plus, shutting your partner out completely is a guaranteed way to lose the relationship.

“If two people communicate well, it prevents future arguments and keeps the peace in the relationship,” said Dylan Olmsted, a freshman business major (undecided).

Find what works for your relationship

For some people in a long distance relationship, texting and calling their partner all day, every day works best; however, for others it is enough to check in once a week. Talking to your partner about what you both want will create common ground that you can build on.

Give space if needed

In some cases, your partner may need space and it is important to give him some. Showering them with texts and calls won’t solve this problem; they might just need time for themselves. Respecting your partner’s needs is just as important as respecting yours.

Schedule time for each other

While it’s important to strike a balance in the frequency of communication in a long-distance relationship, it’s also essential to set aside time to talk to your partner, most likely over a phone call or video chat. It could be for a special occasion or a birthday, but it’s essential to make sure they feel your attention is on them.

“It’s definitely about making time for each other and investing in each other’s lives, but also giving yourself the space to have your own experiences,” said Mackenzie Woolls, a young health student public. “It’s easy to get carried away with one or the other, so it’s always important to make a conscious decision.”

write letters by hand

Writing handwritten letters to your partner is a cute and special way to convey your feelings and show them that you really care. Make it personal and include touching memories, things you miss, and your expectations for the next time you see them. If you wear a specific perfume, spray the edges of the paper with it. Although not viable for everyone due to the price of stamps, a sincere text could also be a substitute.

Visit (if possible)

Waiting for holidays and breaks can be too long. If schedules permit, make a special trip to see your partner, but don’t let it interfere with your responsibilities. Contact them to find out when would be best for both of you. Then, plan a special visit that will create unforgettable memories.

With all of these tips in mind, it won’t always be easy, but maybe, just maybe, it will be a little less difficult. From hearing firsthand from those in long-distance relationships, it’s clear that when you know you’ve met the right person, distance is an afterthought. Celebrating love in all its forms is what Valentine’s Day is all about.


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