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Warzone’s Caldera map is huge, leading some players to complain that it creates “boring” matches with not enough action. Dr Disrespect feels the same but came with a way to fix it.

Raven Software introduced Caldera as a replacement for Verdansk, the super-popular original Warzone map that eventually overstayed its welcome. Based on an island with sprawling landscapes and a volcano in the middle, players were thrilled to have a place to play, but quickly turned sour on Caldera once they played there.

The additions of Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep also didn’t help Caldera, with players enjoying the fast-paced action offered by the smaller maps.

Since then, Raven has attempted to improve Caldera with map updates, but according to Dr. Disrespect, the map is still boring and in need of major changes.

While trying to complete his classic Triple Threat challenges by winning in PUBG, Warzone, and Escape of Tarkov, Dr disrespect grew increasingly frustrated with the game, and more specifically with Caldera.

“Don’t you feel like Warzone Caldera games take forever?” asked a clearly unimpressed Doc. “They are so long, so boring.”

“I feel like the game speed and circles need to be increased. Just flood the map with bounties, please!

Clip starts at 24:03

Due to Caldera’s sheer size, getting from place to place can take forever and has been a constant problem since release. Making circles move faster is a fair suggestion, but could also limit the time players have to hunt for weapons and money, which may prove unpopular in the long run.

Whether Raven will choose to do anything about it remains to be seen, but battle royale fans are hoping the map launching with Warzone 2 won’t suffer from the same issue.

Image credits: Dr Disrespect / Raven Software


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