Hackaday Prize 2022: Soviet Geiger Counter Gets WiFi


[Marek] has an impressive collection of old Soviet-style Geiger counters. These are handy tools to have in certain specific situations, but for most of us they would be curiosities. Even so, they need the help of the modern world to function well, and [Marek] found some pretty creative ways to bring them into the 21st century. This release, for example, adds WiFi capabilities.

This version is based on the STS-5 Geiger tube, but the real heavy lifting is handled by an ESP8266 which also provides a wireless network connection. There are some limitations to using an ESP8266 to control a time-sensitive device like a Geiger tube, particularly the lack of local storage, but [Marek] solves this problem by including a real-time clock and caching data locally until a network connection is reestablished. Future plans for the device include adding temperature and atmospheric temperature sensors.

Eventually, this Geiger counter will be installed in a sealed enclosure outside in order to [Marek] can keep an eye on the background radiation in its vicinity. It used to do this with another version, but that one only had network access via an ethernet cable, so this one is quite an upgrade.


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