Gujarat farmer builds battery-powered tractor to counter rising fuel costs


A farmer in Gujarat has developed an electric tractor, “Vyom”, to escape soaring fuel prices. The lithium battery can run for up to 10 hours on a single charge. Maheshbhai Bhoot, 34, holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree and went on to obtain the Electric Rickshaw course ISO certification.

The Vyom tractor was built with a 72 watt lithium battery, which would not require changing very often.

Over 8,70,000 EVs registered in India

The tractor was built with several sophisticated mechanisms; for example, the speed could be monitored and managed via mobile phone, News18 reported. A resident of Pipper village in Kalawad Taluka of Jamnagar district, the 34-year-old shares the profession with his father, Maheshbhai Keshubhai Bhut.

Rising fuel prices and global warming have put an emphasis on electric vehicles in recent years. According to Nitin Gadkari, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways said that more than 8.70,000 electric vehicles are registered in India. Additionally, the central government and several state governments are pushing for electric vehicles as they play an important role in achieving global climate goals.

An electric bike developed by young people in Assam

Similar examples of young people coming up with innovative electric transportation alternatives have accelerated since the emergence of threats of rising inflation, fuel prices and accelerating global warming. Recently, Samrat Nath, a young man from Assam, came up with the concept of an “anti-theft” electric bicycle. The youngster mentioned that if someone tried to steal his bike, he would get an alert on his phone and activate an alarm. Nath also developed a mobile app that could control his bike from anywhere in the world.

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