GOP Calls on Georgia Secretary of State to Counter Stacey Abrams’ Public Schools Election Initiative


US House Republicans have sent a letter to the Georgia Secretary of State expressing concern about a recent report on a voter education initiative led by Stacey Abrams that teaches public school students about Atlanta that new state election laws prevent people from voting.

Representatives Rodney Davis of Illinois and Virginia Foxx of North Carolina, respectively the ranking Republican on the administration and on the education and labor committees, sent a letter to Brad Raffensperger asking him how he planned prevent or thwart Ms. Abrams’ program.

Ms. Abrams’ lesson plans, coordinated for high school students with Rock the Vote, “taught students that voter ID laws are ‘restrictive’ and make voting ‘harder’ and that policies limiting “flexible voting options” like mail voting restrict people’s “freedom to vote,” the lawmakers wrote.

They added that “additionally, Nse Ufot, the CEO of Abrams’ New Georgia Project, which has a stated goal of ‘returning[ping] Georgia blue,” made his bad opinion of Republicans clear when he said in a recent article, “I don’t pretend to be [Republicans] are anything but a criminal enterprise intent on attacking our democracy, our country and our government from within.

GOP lawmakers also sent the letter to members of the Georgia State Elections Board and the chairman and vice chairman of the Fulton County Elections Board.

Georgia was one of the first GOP-controlled states to pass election laws reversing pandemic-era election measures implemented as an emergency measure during the 2020 presidential cycle.

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This included limiting ballot boxes, prohibiting third-party funding of municipal election operations, and eliminating mail-in ballots for voters who did not request them.

The new laws caused a storm in Democratic circles, causing liberal activists and lawmakers to cry foul, but other Republican-led states followed suit and passed their own election laws within months.

Students at Atlanta public high schools were first invited to attend a democracy class hosted by the New Georgia Project last month, Fox News first reported.

Public schools partnered with the New Georgia Project and Rock the Vote at the start of the school year last August to launch a suffrage-focused lesson plan for about 2,000 high school students called “Democracy Class Atlanta.” .

The New Georgia Project was founded in 2013 by Ms. Abrams, a failed Democratic gubernatorial candidate when she was State House Minority Leader.

Future Senator Raphael Warnock, Democrat of Georgia, served as the organization’s chairman between 2017 and 2020.

Ms Abrams revealed in March 2018 that left-leaning billionaire financier George Soros and his son, Alexander, funded the New Georgia project early on.

“George Soros and the Soros family have demonstrated nothing but a deep investment and commitment to social justice,” she told the Atlanta Jewish Times.


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