FIA ready to counter threat of any loopholes found


FIA technical director Nikolas Tombazis hopes there isn’t much room to exploit loopholes in 2022 – but is wary of their threat.

Whenever new regulations come into play, there is anticipation and almost expectation that at least one team will interpret them in a way that could lead to a major advantage over their rivals.

One need only step back in time machine to 2009 to see an extreme example of this scenario in action as Brawn GP, ​​armed with its dual diffuser, won the World Championship titles in their one and only season in Formula 1.

A repeat of these extraordinary scenes will be highly unlikely, but the potential for loopholes to be exploited early in the season remains.

Comparing what could happen to the FIA ​​in 2022 with the new aero regulations with what happened in 2009, Tombazis is cautiously optimistic that key lessons have been learned from Jenson Button’s winning year.

“There are a couple of things that, looking back, we would have done a little differently. But I will not reveal them. Tombazis told

“In 2009 there was essentially a lot less detail [in the regulations]. But the important things that were learned were correct then.

“The error happened after. The rules offered so much freedom that after a few weeks in the wind tunnel, we had completely negated all the good things that had been imagined.

“The rules were written in such a way that if you wanted you could build a car that was easy to follow. But it would have been quite slow.

“Or you could build a fast car that ignores all those things [that were supposed to improve racing].

“We [at the FIA] tried to learn from it and set rules that are inevitably more restrictive and where hopefully there won’t be as many deviations.

“I’m sure there will be areas where we conclude that we may have made a mistake, or where we will again have to make some adjustments.”

Aston Martin are set to kick off the launch season on February 10 with the first three days of pre-season testing starting on February 23.

However, fans in attendance will have to wait until at least March 10 to see the all-new cars in action at the second pre-season test in Bahrain after Formula 1 confirmed that the first test in Barcelona will be a closed-door event. closed.


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