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FromSoftware’s games are renowned for their brutal and punishing difficulty. From Lordran to Yharnam to The Lands Between, these games are full of monstrosities waiting to grind you to pulp. But it’s important to note that, while difficult, these games are never unfair. Sure, you might encounter eldritch horrors and tragic fallen heroes, but you won’t do it unarmed. Each FromSoft game has specific techniques that players can use to turn the tables on their enemies. Sekiro has his postures and his parries. Bloodborne grants you visceral attacks. And now Elden Ring has the Guard Meter.

Guard counter: what is it?

The guard counter is an extremely powerful counterattack. When you block an incoming attack in Elden Ring, you can then counter with a blow aimed at breaking the enemy’s position. Once their position is broken, they are left wide open for a devastating follow-up attack. This will be familiar to FromSoft fans who have played through Sekiro. Although guard counters aren’t exactly the same as Sekiro’s deflects.

As with any mechanic of this type, using the Guard Counter is not without risk. It will almost always be easier to dodge than to Guard Counter. But by constantly dodging, you’re overlooking some of the most powerful tools in your Elden Ring arsenal.

While well-timed dodges prevent you from being damaged, guard counters negate incoming damage and allow you to inflict a significant amount in return. It’s up to the player to decide if he thinks the risk is worth it.

Keep in mind that even though guard counters deal high posture damage, they don’t always result in an instant posture break. Some enemies will be able to withstand several counters before finally breaking through their defenses.

How to Keep the Meter in Elden Ring

Luckily guard counters are fairly simple to perform in Elden Ring, they just require reflexes and nerves.

For Guard Counter, you must first block an enemy’s attack. Then, immediately after blocking the attack, use your strong attack. If done correctly, you will receive a visual and audio indicator that the counter was successful.

Unlike parrying, the timing of the block itself doesn’t matter. Your guard can stay as long as you want. All that matters is that the Block succeeds and the next Heavy Attack comes at the right time.

The initial console bindings for Block and Strong Attack in Elden Ring are as follows:

Block: L1/LB

Heavy Attack: R2/RT

Be sure to make the most of the guard counters as you journey through the Middle Lands in Elden Ring!

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