CoD: Vanguard Players Discover Counter Spy Plane’s Secret Ability


Call of Duty’s latest pop culture crossover brought Attack on Titan into the game, and players have discovered that the anime pack offers bullet dodging abilities.

After weeks of leaks and rumours, Call of Duty’s Attack on Titan Pack has arrived in Vanguard and Warzone during Season 1. As players were slammed by the “embarrassing” Operator skin and called the pack of “broken”, one of the finishing moves might just save your life.

The flashy anime-style finishing move can actually allow you to dodge bullets, automatically putting you in cover and away from harm.

Finishing Moves allow Call of Duty players to take out an opponent with full health with elaborate third-person animation. Usually you are an open target while your character is performing the move, but not with the Attack on Titan pack.

In a clip uploaded by Reddit user “Dreamweaver_duh”, we can see how activating the “Steel Cut” finishing move allows them to gracefully take cover, dodging bullets along the way.

They started the execution at an unfortunate time, which would normally make them an easy target for the enemy watching the action unfold. However, with the power of the anime on their side, their player model slipped away for cover with every misfire, and they even managed to complete the knockout blow.

Unfortunately, the enemy was too close for them to escape for long, but with one more second they would have avoided death completely.

While some players weren’t sure if this would actually be useful, one player said “I’m not going to lie, it looked really badass”, and another simply remarked, “Anime powers “.

Of course, while you can’t replicate this clip every time you use the Steel Cut finishing move, it could save your life the next time you’re caught executing an enemy.

If the leaks are to be believed, another Attack on Titan bundle should be hitting the CoD Store soon.

Image credit: Activision / group TAC


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