Bhagwant Mann announces formation of new task force to counter gangsters in Punjab : The Tribune India


Tribune press service

Chandigarh, April 5

Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann on Tuesday ordered the formation of a special and dedicated police force for action against gangsters.

The unit called Anti-Gangster Task Force would be an improvisation of the existing unit called the Organized Crime Control Unit, which carries out operations against gangsters, sources said.

The task force would be headed by an ADGP-ranking officer, the CM announced during a meeting with state SSPs today.

The gangster problem is so bad that Punjab had to set up a special cell for gangsters in Bathinda Jail where all gangsters were incarcerated. Although the Punjab police once eliminated all A-grade mobsters, the latest being the murder of Jaipal during a police encounter last year, new players have now emerged.

The gangsters, aided by Delhi and UP gangs, in addition to funding from abroad, have issued threats against Kabaddi players and Pollywood stars.

The force will have integrated intelligence gathering, operations manning and execution, FIR registration, investigation and prosecution.

In addition, a new police station with statewide organized crime jurisdiction must be notified. Sources indicated that the coordination of efforts to combat organized crime was carried out by the SSPs and the CPs. Additional resources and manpower will be provided.

No less than 70 organized gangs with more than 500 known members are active in the state, 300 of which are incarcerated in various prisons.

The number of gangs has tripled in the past five to seven years.


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