Bentz denounces bill passed by the House to counter China’s influence, calls it “the spending explosion”


WASHINGTON (KTVZ) — Rep. Cliff Bentz, R-Ore., voted Friday against what he called the misleading name America COMPETES Act (HR 4521), which passed the House on a majority partisan vote of 222-210.

Democratic supporters say the bill calls for huge investments in American manufacturing and scientific research, as well as changes in trade policy, to make the United States more competitive on the world stage and counter growing economic influence from China.

The Senate passed similar legislation last year, and aides say differences will be reconciled to get a bill to President Biden’s office as soon as possible, either through a conference committee or by negotiations between the House and the Senate.

But in a Friday press release, Bentz’s office said, “This $325 billion spending explosion furthers the interests of the Chinese Communist Party, erodes our global competitive advantage, and funnels billions of taxpayer dollars into corporate groups. special interests aligned with Democrats.”

“The COMPETES Act is the thinly veiled attempt by the Democrats to hold China accountable for its human rights abuses, environmental abuses and aggression against US allies in the Pacific” , Bentz said. “But instead of a serious attempt to strategically position the United States to meet the serious challenges presented by China, we are faced with a bill that fails to protect American interests at almost every level. We should focus on empowering American businesses, universities, researchers, and manufacturers as critical assets as we compete with China Instead, this legislation is suffocating America with straight-up despotic regulations exits from the “big government” of the Democrats.

Here is the rest of the press release from Bentz’s office:

“Nearly 3,000 pages long, the COMPETITION law was drafted in secret by Democratic House leaders without any Republican input. It compounds current US vulnerabilities by adding to the national debt, creating regulations that would stifle small businesses, and failing to address the root causes of America’s supply chain crisis. This legislation includes the flea law, which pays out $52 billion in taxpayer-funded subsidies to chipmakers. However, this bill does not specify how this enormous amount of money will be spent. Additionally, the Pentagon is already working to revive chip manufacturing operations in the United States, and construction of a $12 billion chip factory is underway in Arizona. The CHIPS provision would only duplicate existing efforts to meet the demand for chips in the United States. Subsidies will cause massive market distortion and destabilize domestic production.

“Additionally, this bill allocates $8 billion to the United Nations Green Climate Fund, which has already sent $100 million to the Communist Party of China, commits $45 billion to a supply chain resilience program. procurement accessible to Democratic special interest groups and doling out $3 billion to a solar manufacturing program that will bring yet another boon to China. taxpayers, the Chinese mining industry which, thanks to the Biden administration’s lockdown of U.S. mining operations, is now the world’s leading producer of rare earths,” the press release concludes.


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