Astralis A/S: Our Counter-Strike talents have qualified for the LAN finals in Kyiv


On January 14, Astralis Talent faced fnatic Rising in a Bo3. The winner would remain alive in the tournament, while the loser would sit out for the season.

After being severely outplayed and losing the first map to Ancient 1-16, things looked dire for “trace” and his Counter-Strike skills. What happened next, no one foresaw.

The following maps against fnatic Rising went 16-14, 16-14, removing fnatic Rising from contention and advancing to round 2 of the Gauntlet phase.

Crazy comeback from the guys, keeping the mood after this 1-16! Hard to lose 6/6 pistols, you have to work on it! 2-1 against @FNATIC rising and we face navi tomorrow ⚡️ #To the stars

– Martin Heldt (@mtwtrace) January 14, 2022

Astralis Talent then met NAVI Junior, who once against beat our talent roster in the first map, after which the young stars fought back, ending the Bo3 2-1.

Only NIP’s talented team, Young Ninjas, stood between us and the LAN final in Kyiv in the semi-finals. With the fire finally lit, Astralis Talent pulled off a quick 2-0 against the young ninjas, delighted to be able to show off their skills on stage with their new coach.

The WePlay Academy League Season 3 LAN Finals will be played from February 11-13 at WePlay Esports Arena Kyiv. Astralis Talent’s next match is on January 17, where they will face Brøndby Esport and AGF Esport in the Powerligaen.


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