Amber Heard | Johnny Depp: Amber Heard files an appeal to reject the verdict or authorize a new trial against Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is set to face further trials as his ex-wife Amber Heard has called for the case against Depp to be dismissed or for a new trial. Heard believes the judge did not believe her “victim of domestic violence” story and that one of the jurors was not properly vetted according to her team of lawyers. Heard believes one of the jurors was listed as born in 1945 while in other introductions he is listed as being born in 1970. Additionally, the judge had ruled in favor of Depp regarding compensation and penalized Heard for $15 million in compensation to Depp. This, Heard’s attorneys, called “excessive” and “indefensible” or lacking in argument. The judge also reduced the award to $350,000/-, which is a state cap, immediately after the trial concluded.

Depp had filed a lawsuit in Fairfax, Virginia, against his ex-wife because he felt that even though he was not mentioned in the story written by Heard for the Washington Post, it was tarnishing her reputation. The 6-week trial turned into a television fiasco and the world tuned in for a slice of the action. Details of a fight in Australia had been recounted by Heard where Depp lost the top part of her middle finger and Heard claimed she was sexually accosted by a bottle of Depp’s alcohol. Depp denied the charges and, in counterclaims, told the court that Heard abused him. Depp insisted he never punched Heard. The article claimed by Depp was written with great ill will towards Depp. Witnesses were questioned and finally the verdict was pronounced. Evidence produced by Heard proved domestic abuse and her attorneys believe she was the victim. The juror (juror number 15) did not believe Heard’s story as he felt it was not believable. Additionally, the judge gave Heard a $2 million counter-defamation because Depp’s attorney claimed she robbed the couple’s home to trick police into thinking the fight was horrific.

The lawsuit was an account of what a British newspaper had said about Depp being a “wife-beater”. The judge had returned the verdict against Depp because Heard, according to the judge, was telling the truth.

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